Dr. David Grantham is a renowned national security expert who writes and speaks regularly on regional security, international conflict, and cybersecurity.

He has served as a counterintelligence operative in Iraq and has field experience in hotspots across the globe.
He is known for his work at Camp Bucca, Iraq, which is known as the birthplace of ISIS.

About "Consequences: An Intelligence Officer's War" By Dr. Grantham

We are still living in the long shadow of the Iraq War in 2020. But in 2006, David Grantham was fresh out of college and serving as a counterintelligence officer with the elite and secretive Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Iraq was veering toward civil war. The U.S. military desperately needed better on-the-ground intelligence to turn the tide. Grantham found himself in Kuwait and Afghanistan, then at Iraq’s infamous American prison, Camp Bucca. Not only was Bucca the breeding ground for the Islamic State, it was in southern Iraq, where America’s deadly fight with Iran was an open secret.

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“Texas Should Respond to the failed anti-Semitism resolution”

“America witnessed a juvenile exercise in “whataboutism” stop the entire U.S. House of Representatives from confronting anti-Semitism within its ranks. The 2019 Texas legislature should challenge this meaningless response to real problems of anti-Semitism and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict with a resolution of its own…” Continue reading.

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Trump’s Budget Increases Donations to Palestinian Martyr Fund?

A monthly stipend that awaits the Palestinian terrorist who recently murdered three Israeli citizens during their Shabbat dinner contradicts the Trump administration’s litmus test for foreign aid distribution. That must change. Read more at Times of Israel.

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Townhall: The Low-Intensity Cyber War Just Got Worse

The international barrage of cyber attacks should be recognized for what it is – a global, low-intensity conflict. Read more at

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Fort Worth Star Telegram: Texas Legislature moves on cyber issues after latest global attack

Each bill represents the first step in a thousand-mile journey. The content and scope of the bills reveals just how long that journey will be. Read more at the Star Telegram.

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Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way

The Western world needs to craft a rather simple, international operation that targets major jihadist organizations for annihilation. Read more at

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The Threat From Terrorism and Human Trafficking in Latin America

Hypothetical, if unproven, scenarios often dominate the storyline of possible collusion between organized crime and jihadists in Latin America. But the growth of illicit networks and successful human smuggling operations poses a known and immediate threat to U.S. national security. Read more at Inside Sources. Read the longer study Terrorism in Latin America (Part Two): The Threat…

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America Should Be Ready, Venezuela Might Become the Next Syria

The History of Government Evil in a Collapsing Venezuela – The American government must determine the likelihood of Venezuela becoming another Syria – this time in the western hemisphere. Read more at

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FOXNEWS: As Islamic extremism grows in Latin America, some want Trump to take action

Grantham told Fox News the report proves the threat from terrorism in the western hemisphere is not just from “lone wolf” radicalization or loosely affiliated jihadists tinkering on social media. Read more at

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For Latin America, the Legacy of Communism is in its Response

The curious connection between Middle East terrorism and Latin America can partly be explained as a consequence of Cold War policies. Read more at the Conservative Online, a quarterly Journal sponsored by the Alliance of the Conservatives and Reformists in Europe (ACRE).

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5 Reasons the US should defund the UN Palestinian Refugee program

(Co-author Calev Myers) – Despite billions of dollars in aid over the past six decades, there has been little improvement in the lives of Palestinians under UNRWA’s care. Read more in the Times of Israel.

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