Dr. David Grantham is a renowned national security expert who writes and speaks regularly on regional security, international conflict, and cybersecurity.

He has served as a counterintelligence operative in Iraq and has field experience in hotspots across the globe.
He is known for his work at Camp Bucca, Iraq, which is known as the birthplace of ISIS.

About "Consequences: An Intelligence Officer's War" By Dr. Grantham

We are still living in the long shadow of the Iraq War in 2020. But in 2006, David Grantham was fresh out of college and serving as a counterintelligence officer with the elite and secretive Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Iraq was veering toward civil war. The U.S. military desperately needed better on-the-ground intelligence to turn the tide. Grantham found himself in Kuwait and Afghanistan, then at Iraq’s infamous American prison, Camp Bucca. Not only was Bucca the breeding ground for the Islamic State, it was in southern Iraq, where America’s deadly fight with Iran was an open secret.

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We will continue to evacuate after the date of August 31″: Secretary of State on the situation in Afghanistan

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Secretary of State on the situation in Afghanistan

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Grantham talks with Univision – Afghanistan crisis will create an immigration crisis, August 28, 2021

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It Goes from despair, sadness to anger,” Grantham reacts to attack at Kabul airport,” August 26, 2021

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Interview: Afghanistan debacle another black eye for generals, intel community. Newsmax, August 17, 2021.

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Interview: Intelligence Veteran: ‘We may see some attacks in the U.S. within 9-12 months. El American. August 17, 2021.

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person on fire

Grantham: Why Colombia’s Social Justice Riots Matter for Americans. Breitbart. May 26, 2021

In late April, Colombia watched as peaceful demonstrations against an ill-timed tax reform turned violent. The ensuing riots spanned several weeks and engulfed almost every major city in the country. The flat-footed administration of President Iván Duque eventually rescinded the unpopular policy. But that didn’t matter. The violence raged on as groups of rioters systemically burned public…

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David Grantham #Unbound. The complete, forty-minute interview, April 5. 2021.

Photo: No known restrictions on publication.1932.  10/6/32 at the palace etc., Baghdad, man with top hat getting in car The New John Batchelor ShowCBS Audio Network@Batchelorshow David Grantham #Unbound. The complete forty-minute interview, April 5. 2021.  Consequences: An Intelligence Officer’s War Paperback – November 11, 2020. by David Grantham  (Author)“Very little has been written on the…

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Interview: Not Enough Agents to Deal With Immigration Crisis, Security Specialist Warns

We in the United State have never experienced this level of migration at one time. And there is no sign of stopping. Click here to read more

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Interview: Audiobook release, Consequences: An Intelligence Officer’s War

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