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David Grantham authors the Transnational Threat Journal – Texas Series – a SFS publication that takes national security issues from the beltway to main street.

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Townhall: The Low-Intensity Cyber War Just Got Worse

The international barrage of cyber attacks should be recognized for what it is – a global, low-intensity conflict. Read more at

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Fort Worth Star Telegram: Texas Legislature moves on cyber issues after latest global attack

Each bill represents the first step in a thousand-mile journey. The content and scope of the bills reveals just how long that journey will be. Read more at the Star Telegram.

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Trump Admin Has Opportunity to Rebuild Military, Shrink Bloated Government

A 10 percent cut among general and flag officers and their staffs alone could save nearly $11.5 billion over 5 years. Read more at CNS News.

The longer study can be found at Real Clear Defense.

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How Defense Dollars Are Wasted on Security Assistance

Congressional Research Service (CRS) concluded that “it remains unclear whether building the capacity of foreign security forces is an effective way to accomplish U.S. strategic objectives.” Read more at here.

Also featured in the Small Wars Journal.

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Texas Grid and U.S. National Security

“Texas Grid and U.S. National Security” for the “Oversight of Federal Efforts to Address Electromagnetic Risks” Committee on Homeland Security Oversight and Management Efficiency Subcommittee, Infrastructure Protection United States House of Representatives.

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Cyber Threats to the Texas Electric Grid

The entire U.S. electric power system is a prime target of cyberattacks from hostile governments and terrorist organizations, but the Lone Star State is in a unique position to act. Read more here.