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David Grantham authors the Transnational Threat Journal – Texas Series – a SFS publication that takes national security issues from the beltway to main street.

Dr. David Grantham

Dr. Grantham’s Book

Consequences is both a riveting behind-the-scenes look at intelligence operations at the height of the Iraq war, and a charming and sobering story of one man’s journey through the pleasures and consequences that come with wartime intelligence.

“…unique and fascinating…You won't be disappointed." - Fred Burton, former special agent and New York times-best selling author.

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Dr. Grantham's work on terrorist finance, international Islamism and intelligence sharing

Cyber and Defense

Dr. Grantham's analysis on local cyber laws, threats to infrastructure and more

Regional Security

Dr. Grantham's writes and speaks about his expertise in Latin America and the Middle East